The Respite Care Program

Shelter Care also provides planned periods of respite for children who are currently living within their biological family. Respite Care is designed to help strengthen and keep struggling families together, by planning strategic breaks for both the child and the family on a regular basis, as they participate in ongoing family counseling. Children in the Respite Care Program are referred from Akron Child Guidance Center and range from 6 to 17 years of age. This program utilizes a family model with 2 children in each home.

Two Locations

NokomisSThe Respite Care Program has two homes, one for crisis stabilization, and the other for regular scheduled respite. Scheduled respite is offered as regular times of relief for both the child and family to reduce stress. This respite home has a capacity of two children. The children typically stay for three days and nights. The crisis stabilization home provides care for one child between the ages of 6 and 17 who is in immediate crisis.

respitecare1These children are often in an emergency due to emotional, behavioral or psychological distress within their home-of-origin. The situation is such that both the child and his or her family can benefit from a therapeutic separation.


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