The Highlands

The Highlands is a residential program for adolescent girls experiencing pregnancy who want to parent their child or participate in a placement option.


The primary purpose of The Highlands is to provide residential services for adolescent girls who are pregnant or parenting an infant and find themselves homeless. Girls ages 14 through 20 may enter the program at any time during their pregnancy or with an infant and may remain in residency until their baby reaches 3 years of age.  Girls 14 to 17 must have parental consent to participate in the program.

The Highlands has a capacity for several teens and their infants. The services offered by The Highlands are designed to diminish the problems of homelessness for pregnant teens in the Summit County area. In addition to residential care, the program provides services that include case management, parenting classes and independent living skills. The primary focus is to provide a stable environment where the teen can have the opportunity to learn to make constructive choices regarding her future and that of her child. The Highlands goal is to see each young mother and child transition from the shelter to a positive, healthy environment, whether it is living on her own, or living with friends or relatives.

Referral Procedure

The Highlands is a community-based program.  Self referrals are accepted in addition to referrals from social service agencies serving Summit County. An intake screening is conducted by the program director to determine placement eligibility. Upon placement, The Highlands staff, the client and any involved agencies will develop an plan for each girl.

Admission Criteria:
  • The age of admission is 14 through 20 inclusive.
  • Each resident must:
    • Cooperate with staff and live within the program guidelines.
    • Not pose a serious physical risk to self or others.
    • Not be drug or alcohol dependent/addicted.
    • Be free of transmittable physical disease or condition.
    • Attend school.
    • Attend all pre-natal appointments.
    • Attend all pediatric well-visits for their child.
  • When applicable, the parent(s) must be willing to participate in the program.

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About the Name

“When Mary the mother of Jesus learned from the angel that she was going to give birth to a child, she hurried to the highlands of Judea to visit her friend, Elizabeth” – Luke 1